August 25, 2002
Outstanding hypocrites Amazingly, the Americans have "strongly condemned Russia": over its alleged air-raid attacks in the lawless regions of Georgia bordering Chechnya. They criticise the Russians, and claim they are "deeply concerned" by the loss of life of innocent civilians (1 killed and 5-7 injured). Yet they are still fighting their private war against the "ghosts in Afghanistan":,1280,-1969367,00.html in which estimates ranging from "350 to 4000 civilians":,11447,770999,00.html were killed, and an unknown number more who would have died through disrupted Aid supply during the military operation. "Further reports of torture being used": against 'suspected' terrorists (i.e. some of the 1200 racially targetted Arabs held incommunicado for many months) underline the staggering hypocrisy of the 'regret' of the loss of Civilian lives/fundamental human rights. "The emerging reports of horrific human-rights abuses":,1284,776841,00.html of executing captured soldiers by the American led allies in the Afghan war adds a really strong kick to such DOUBLESPEAK... Posted by Ian at August 25, 2002 09:56 AM | TrackBack
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