February 27, 2003
Fun for all the Family Simon Tisdall has "written an interesting opinion piece":,5673,903751,00.html?=rss in the Guardian this morning about the complicity of war. Based on a super-condensed micro-history of US and global conflict, he suggests that many nations are playing to enhance their hand, to bluff one way hoping for a rich pay-off in another. Turkey has potentially won hansomely (in a financial sense), but others are still playing. It crystallizes a feeling I have over this situation in an nice (if limited) metaphor. The world (i.e. citizens, not rulers) watch on in this macabre and horrific game being played supposedly for their benefit. But, just like the Casino which never loses, the same will undoubtably happen with this situation, those most powerful will reap the richest rewards. Posted by Ian at February 27, 2003 10:36 AM | TrackBack
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