September 20, 2005
The Opera Browser is now Free Without Ads

The best web browser around, Opera, have now made their new version V8.5 free of Ad banners. It doesn't effect me as a (was) licenced user, but for all those who hesitated to try Opera because of the Ad's in the free version, your hesitation is now needless.

Opera is tiny yet extrememly powerful. It has a feature set envied by most other browsers, but the true key is not the features themselves, but their integration. One designer, making sure everything flows together. Because of that shared tight codebase, they can add features for very little cost. For example their future bittorrent support (currently available in a technology preview) is 24kb! And they have a very neat system where if you don't use, for example, the mail module, then just the browser core is used.

The killer features: mouse gestures, serious security, true window tabbed interface, spatial navigation, blazingly fast rendering, search-based mail, password manager, RSS support, full configurability (rewrite your UI with >500 commands), hierarchical notes and many others are all blended together with style; they are built to interoperate perfectly.

If you are using IE, well, apart from the appaling security record and abysmal feature set; politically Microsoft have tried to propritise the web. The web should remain free to all, irrespective of access method, and so the sooner you stop using IE (which has been a wrecking ball of interoperability) the better. It's slow, it doesn't support standards (and wont properly with future IE 7) and hasn't evolved since the last century (again the yet—to—be released IE 7's feature set is still 5 years behind others). Time to try something new and fresh. Time to discover the benefits of modern technology, of active craftsmanship in your tool you use to access that wonderful thing called the web.

Opera V8.5 Web Browser

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