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This utility allows you to make your own custom buttons for your Opera toolbars. To use, simply fill in the parts that you need. You can add up to 3 actions together using the the second/third action toggles. You can also just write in an action as plain text for each action; the creator will try to add in any other options onto your text. Read some tips below; updated on23/10/2005.

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Normal Command buttons

External Program buttons

Button Information

Opera uses the following button formatting:

ButtonX, "General Title"="Action, parameter1, parameter2, Action Title, Icon"

This button maker automates the process by allowing you to construct the button using a simple web-based form. These actions can be combined together using several combination rules: AND - OR - CYCLE - ADD MENU; allowing complex commands to be built up (this form allows 3 actions to be combined, though if you enter plain text manually you can add many more). Further information about this and a full list of actions can be found here. If you save this page to your computer(make sure you "Save with images" — check your file-type in the save dialog), you can then run it off-line.

So, say for example I wanted to make a modifed home button that had a drop-down menu containing the main browser menu, I would:

  1. Select Go to homepage for the first action.
  2. Give it the name Home.
  3. Click the "Add Second Action?" section.
  4. Select ADD MENU (+).
  5. Set second action to The main browser menu bar.
  6. Click Create button!

That would give the following code:

Go to homepage,,,"Home" + Show popup menu, "Browser Menu Bar"

Changelog: 23.10.2005

  1. Fixed the title generation when no title was given. Tries to use the raw command, or sets it to the first command action otherwise. This stops large padding of buttons due to Opera's import mechanism.

Changelog: 24.07.2005

  1. Shoust added a VBCode output for the Opera forums.

Changelog: 22.01.2005

  1. Added fix for a V8.0 bug (bug-161757) thanks to hallvors.

Changelog: 05.01.2005

  1. Added ability to manually add optional paramater to pass to programs.
  2. Added a button to show just te command - so you can use the interface for gestures / keys etc.

Changelog: 28.12.2004

  1. Added icon previews to the constructed button.
  2. Added more complex commands like "Toggle Personal bar" etc.
  3. Completely rewritten the button construction code. Opera needs labels and icons on the first command and so the button creator now does this; it even works for combination commands like "Toggle Personal bar". The code is also generally more robust, fixing bugs when adding second and third actions.
  4. Added the "add menu" combiner, +, to the second/third action combination menu.
  5. Added the ability to enter action text manually for all three actions. The constructor tries to be intelligent and add optional labels / icons, but it cannot be guaranteed to work as it cannot cover all possibilities of what you manually type in.
  6. Added the option to add independant text labels and icons to the second and third actions. This allows you to now easily create toggle buttons where the text and/or icon changes depending on the state of the button.
  7. Added all available actions from V8.0.
  8. Added IE, Firefox, Google & menu icon options for skins which support these icons.

Note: This tool was modified from the original written by Kaare Byberg.